A year ago this month, Stewards of the Range and the American Land Foundation introduced the coordination strategy to a group of mayors and school district board members in Eastern Bell County, Texas, to help them fight the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC). 

The TTC is the first critical leg of the NAFTA Superhighway whose purpose is to connect the ports of Mexico through America’s heartland to Canada. It is a quarter of a mile wide, consuming 146 acres per mile.  The first contract to build the multi-modal facility has been let to the Spanish owned company of Cintra-Zachary, who will retain the tolling and lease income for fifty years. 

The people of Texas and the local governments impacted directly by the corridor have been ignored by the Legislature and Governor Perry’s administration — until now.

Read “Rocks for the Goliath Road,” by Peter Gorman published in the Fort Worth Weekly and see how four little towns and school districts have placed a major roadblock in the TTC.